Neuron Complete solution for torch control in the Plasma and OxyFuel cutting industry

The Neuron torch height control system is the fully automatic most technologically advanced arc voltage control system in the plasma cutting industry. It is designed to offer arc voltage control capabilities to any plasma cutting system.

The Neuron quickly and accurately sets the arc transfer height of the torch using a “ Ohmic touch-retract” or/and “Float Head” plate sensing technique.

The Neuron system uses advanced DSP (digital signal processing) software servo control loops to control speed, position and arc voltage with unparalleled precision, so you maintain the selected arc voltage with the highest degree of accuracy: ± 0.25 volts! Precise arc voltage control affects dross formation, cut face appearance and the dimensional consistency of the part.

The Neuron gives you a torch height position control with a set point resolution of +/-0.125 mm (.005") and an arc voltage control with a set point resolution of 0.25 volt. This precise setting gives you unparalleled control over your cut, with the smallest cut angle, kerf width and face variation.

Neuron can attain speeds in excess of 6000 mm per minute in the arc voltage control mode. Rapid response means arc voltage control available for high, intermediate, or low-speed plasma arc cutting. System work very fast. No overshoot.

The system is fully programmable via 10/100 Base-T Ethernet communications through Neuron control panel, embedded in the Mach3 CNC. The cut sequence is determined by the built-in algorithm that has been used successfully for a long time of system operation. The operator may at any time (even during the cut) change all parameters via control panel in the Mach3. To change the settings of the cutting process is not necessary to change the program. Simply enter a new value as you usually do it in Windows.

Neuron is not use Mach3 internal THC logic, torch axis under full control of the Neuron.

The next figure illustrates the basic interconnections diagram


The Neuron.THC comes standard with the following features

  • Works with ALL plasma cutters
  • Unlimited number of cut profiles for different metal thicknesses. Quickly switch between profiles and the ability to quick edit them
  • Set point resolution .25V. Set point range - 25 - 250V
  • Maximum voltage control accuracy +/- .25V
  • Height control accuracy +/-0.125 mm (.005") using a properly configured Z-axis
  • Voltage feedback - 10:1 (integrated voltage divider), 20:1 (additional input for Hypertherm cutter)
  • 100 kHz maximum step frequency (50% Duty cycle)
  • Automatic or manual control of the cutting sequence
  • "Sample and Hold" mode - THC measures the voltage at the end of the AVC Delay and uses it as a set point for the remainder of the cut.
  • Automatic Collision Avoidance. This safety feature allows the control to automatically adjust the torch height during a cut to help prevent torch crashes.
  • Retract height selectable between full or programmed partial raise height
  • Programmable automatic positioner speed
  • Programmable manual positioner speed
  • Programmable maximum Z axis stroke (Soft Limit function)
  • Programmable arc transfer height
  • Programmable pierce height
  • Programmable pierce time
  • Programmable cutting height
  • Programmable AVC (arc voltage control) delay time
  • Programmable torch retract height
  • Programmable Jump height above the workpiece that the torch is raised to clear the top dross puddle that can form during the pierce.
  • Programmable IHS (initial height sensing) touch speed
  • Programmable crossover height (high-to-low speed transition point)
  • Allows the arc voltage control to be disabled (THC ON/OFF from G-Code) while cutting for prevents the torch from diving into the workpiece during corners or x/y machine slow-down or on the end of cut
  • Programmable Arc Voltage Control Limiter (KerfDetect and HeadSafetyLock) for prevents torch damage during kerf crossing
  • Programmable arc voltage control loop proportional gain (system response)
  • Skip IHS mode - If the next starting point is within this distance of the end of the previous cut, the THC skips the IHS. When this happens, the torch goes directly to the Transfer Height and skips contact with the workpiece. This setting can improve the overall machine production rate but should not have any affect on the part being cut.
  • Auto Lost Cut Recovery function. If your plasma cutter loses the arc for any reason, Neuron halt the motions of the CNC controller and then you can resume to cut from arclost position.
  • Improved Jog - the lifter initially jogs 0.25 mm. After 0.5 second, it begins continuous motion at the IHS Speed. After 1.5 seconds, the lifter increases the speed to the programmed Manual Speed
  • Built-in, advance preflow reduces cycle time by allowing gas to preflow during the IHS cycle. (only professional series)
  • Built-in, pierce end signal relay for oxygen plasma cutting system. (only professional series)
  • Built-in, ventilation control relay with programmable rumpup/rampdown time. (only professional series)
  • Buffered Pulse & Direction outputs for direct interface to Motor Driver
  • All inputs (include arc voltage) are isolated and simple wiring (RJ45 pin to pin cables)
  • Built-in pierce and cut time counters for control consumables
  • Integrated diagnostic system informs the operator of the errors that occurred
  • Plotting the arc voltage and save to file for diagnostics
  • Easy Firmware update using the NeuronFlash utility

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